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Maryland Roof Inspections & Maintenance

Your roof is not the type of thing you think about all the time. Bottom line you only think about it when there is a major storm or if you have a leak. Other parts of your house need maintenance on a regular basis such as Roofing-Inspectionyour siding, or deck and windows to name just a few. The roof is often overlooked until its leaking or has a major problem.  These roof issues can cause extensive damage to the structure and in many cases is not noticeable until its way too late.

Roof Maintenance

Your home is most likely your most expensive investments and why would you not want to protect your property by establishing a roof maintenance program. On a regular basis having a roof contractor such as Metropolitan Design/Build inspect your roof and perform maintenance to items that require repair. This not only provides you piece of mind, but also will allow you to ensure you receive the full benefit of your roof’s lifespan. It is recommended that you have your roof inspected at least one a year.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections can be performed for variety of reasons. Some of the items inspected would include:

  • Determine if the roof is leaking
  • Assess any storm related roof damage
  • Assess the condition of roof materials
  • Inspect any previous roof repairs 
  • Inspect all vent pipes and collars
  • Inspect all roof ridge vents
  • Inspect the roofs flashing
  • Assess proper water runoff 
  • Inspect all soffits and gutters
  • Inspect the chimney & its flashing

No matter the reason for the roof inspection, it should be performed regularly from both the ground level and roof level by a professionally trained roofer like Metropolitan Design/Build. We have the experience and skill to properly identify any and all roof issues. Items we look at in our roof inspection service include:

  • normal weathering
  • manufacturer defects
  • storm related damage
  • intentional damage such as mechanical or hammer caused damage
  • unintentional damage such as tree limbs
  • animal related damage
  • compliance to any and all local code requirements
  • proper integration of roofing with siding, flashing and calking
  • proper roof ventilation

Metropolitan Design/Build has 26 years of experience and knowledge of all types of roof designs.

Certified GAF Roofing Contractor

Metropolitan Design/Build been certified as a GAF roofing contractor. What does this mean? It means that Metropolitan Design/Build is one of the top 3% of roofing contractors in the United States.

By having the certification from GAF corporation which is one of the top roofing materials manufacturers in the country, our roofing professionals have completed intensive roof training and testing to ensure that our roofing techniques and installation methods meet all the stringent standards established by GAF. This one of the many reasons people throughout the Maryland, Virginia, DC metro area trust the roofing professionals at Metropolitan Design/Build. Don’t be fooled by shady unqualified contractors. This is one of your most important investments. So go with the best and have the peace of mind that your property is in the best state to handle the elements.

Metropolitan Design/Build is a certified GAF roofing contractor. Don’t risk your homes roof with an unqualified roofer!

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